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Mac Desktop & Laptop Support

We provide mac hardware and software support for both MacBooks, MacMini, iMac and MacBook Air.

mac support
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Desktop Computer Support & Service

We provide software and hardware support for desktop computer systems of all brands.

Desktop Computer Support and Service
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Laptop Computers Service & Support

We provide software and hardware support and repair services for laptops of various brands.


Apple Mac and Windows Hardware Support & Service

Get your device repaired by an Apple certified hardware technician.

Laptop Support and Service

Windows re-installation and backup, Laptop hard drive replacement and upgrades to SSD, Disk cloning, Laptop screen replacement, Power socket replacement, Battery and power adapter replacement, RAM upgrades

Desktop Computer Support and Service

Keyboard replacement for Mac laptops, Hard drive replacement, Hard drive / SSD upgrades, RAM Upgrade, Battery replacement, Data recovery, Time Capsule backup, OS upgrades

Data Backup and Recovery Service

Operating System recovery/reinstallation, Hard drive cloning, Hard drive upgrades to Solid State Drive (SSD), Data recovery services, Virus & spam ware removal

We will diagnose and repair any problem. No job is too big or too small.

We are a leading IT support provider in Geelong region. Get in touch with us for more details.